Snapchat anti spam filter update

Spam is everywhere, there is no social network, email or web service that is 100% efficient at blocking messages from users that are not quite real.

The increase in spam snapchat made ​​users to provide their complaints snapchat technical team. The team is working to fix this problem. All is not lost, a major update was in the spam filter.

 The snapchat spam problem
Due to the boom of snapchat is clear that several users living sending spam and create illegitimate information would use the platform with the approach of the holidays.

The rapid growth has made it grow snapchat spam within the social network. To prevent this, the pins were set in the configuration section so that only you can send snaps to aggregate friends, not strangers.

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What can I do with snapchat?
You can , 24 hours a day , take snapshots with your phone and write simple doodles, then you send that picture message type to another smartphone , the recipient and see and go!

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