Download Snapchat

Before you start downloading Snapchat , let concerned . This application started to take shape back in 2009 when Facebook was a rage and applications like Whatsapp not yet exist.

With the rise of the "social" in the Smartphone , it is increasingly necessary to have different types of applications that suit the needs of Internet users .

What is Snapchat ?

Not only capture a moment in a traditional style , but real communication , real-time what is happening but without the need to store over and over and over hundreds of files , chat , sms and messages that are irrelevant .

The idea of ​​a temporary courier always existed , both for safety , transparency, not wanting others to know that we want to communicate with other people , etc. 

Snapchat is basically an application where we can send via internet, using our mobile phone , messages, tagged photos , drawings and other items to another user Snapchat , but with the particularity that the data is deleted in a short period of time .

In recent weeks Snapchat users have grown exponentially, both thanks to viral communication between the users , recommendations technology websites or the press itself has been classified as a revolutionary application snapchat .

Millions of users around the world are using this application , saving energy, time and ways to store the tons of emails Snapchat have made one of the favorite applications for corporate users. To give you an idea, in May this year and have sent more than 110 million images through Snapchat.